Who is

My interest in the human body and its functioning is very broad and incorporates all the intermediate medical areas. I continually educate myself to provide the most extensive and holistic vision. At my core there is Healthcare. With this as my basis I commit myself with passion, knowledge and skill to the treatment of the client within my professional boundaries. Due to the continuous in-service training aimed at a specific target group, the treatments offered are mainly aimed at women and children..

I graduated with a bachelor degree the four-year educational track to Massage therapist from the Academy for massage and movement in Amsterdam. In this educational path the relevant knowledge of western basic medicine is integrated.

To further specialize, I am currently starting a three-year follow up study for body-oriented trauma therapy Somatic Experiencing®

Important characteristics of me as a massage therapist:
· I take the time and I am a good listener
· I provide individual attention for the client
· I offer expert advice
· Mutual respect

Treatments can be given in English, Dutch or German.

High quality demands
Through my membership to the association of Naturopathic Therapists (LVNT) my consults are recognized and reimbursed by most health insurances via the supplementary insurance. For the clients the LVNT is a mark that signals that the therapist meets the high-quality demands.

This means that during my licence period I continually develop myself in my area of expertise by means of post higher education training and Masterclasses. What I can offer and my expertise as a therapist will, therefore, in time broaden, deepen and become more specialized.