Bijscholingen overzicht

Fascia Fitness
Thai Yoga Massage
Craniosacraal CST1
Yin Yoga teacher training
Polyvagaal theorie in Therapie
Rosen methode introductie workshop
Focusing training for Professionals
Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy
Focusing and blockages-By Aaffien de Vries
Neuroendocrine System, Stress and Massage
Sensory Organ en fascia research by Dr. Schleip
Transference and counter-transference ( Psychodynamics)
Trauma and Spirituality – with Marianne Bentzen & Peter Levine
Somatic Experiencing in training advanced – BodyMind trainingen
Somato-Psycho Pedagogy; perception training at European College of Fasciatherapy

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