Holistic Awareness Massage

BodyVation – Holistic Awareness therapy 

Is a complete therapeutic  touch here attention is given to the creation of an emotional and/or physical awareness.

It is a soft and calm attentive approach with little spoken communication. The therapy can help you relocate your attention from the thinking to the feeling and experiencing of your body in the here and now.

Target group: Only for woman  all ages -and children  4-11 years.

BodyVation- Holistic Awareness therapy is suitable for:
Chronic pain, rheumatism, arthritis, fibromyalgia
Sleeplessness and/or over-exhaustion
Trauma (Post traumatic Stress)
Complaints related to old age
Handling stress and overload
Neuromuscular hypertension
Dejectedness, little energy
Sensory hypersensitivity

Or any other complaint/symptoms whereby the central nervous system is overloaded